Alphabet Book on Alliteration (Note: This may be the 2nd copy posted) :)

Alphabet Book on Alliteration
By Alison Lehto
Preface: Alliteration is a literary term often used in poetry in which two or more consecutive words begin with the same sound (usually the same letter of the alphabet.)
Examples: Brown bears buy buggies. OR Shiny snakes slither silently. Often alliteration creates tongue twisters such as these two that have been around for many years:
She sells sea shells at the sea shore. Or Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?
OK, are you ready? Under each letter you can try creating your own alliteration; have fun with words. There will be an extra letter under each alliteration example for you to create your own alliteration. They can be funny or serious or even nonsensical. Remember that each word needs to begin with the same letter except small words like a, the, and as well as prepositions like in, over, above, near, to, etc. I tried to use straight alliteration with no small words in between for a challenge. You can, too, if you want to. 

A – Ancient angry anteaters argue.
A –
B – Busy buffaloes buy bread.
B –
C – Crazy caterpillars crawl carefully.
C –
D – Dainty daisies dally daily. (Dally means to take their time.)
D –
E – Elephants eat eggplants excitedly.
E –
F – Friendly Fido finds faithful friends. Friends find fabulous favorites. (Try a double if you can. Keep having fun with words.)
F –
G – George generally gets groceries.
G –
H – Harriet hurries handling hats.
H –
I – Indiana instills incredible independence. (Independence is being able to do things on your own.)
I –
J – Juries justify judicial justice.
J –
K – Keen kangaroos kept kayaking. Have you ever seen a kayaking keen kangaroo?
K –
L- Lemony lemons linger longingly.
L –
M – Merry Mary’s manage mirth.
M –
N – Never negate needy neighbors.
N –
O – Outstanding ostriches oust other ostriches. (Oust means to kick out or get rid of.)
O –
P – Praying persistently permeates possible plans. (Persistently means faithfully, continually. Permeates means fills, completes.)
P –
Q – Quirky queens quietly quit. (Quirky means strange or odd.)
Q –
R – Regulate recommended regular routines. (Routines are a continual pattern of doing things like feeding your pets or cleaning your room.)
R –
S – Shy sheep seem silly. Silly shy sheep seemingly sleep soundly. (Add on to one of your alliterations and make it a good tongue twister. Try saying that one fast ten times.) 
S –
T – Talking toucans take turns.
T –
U – Usually umbrella users unite.
U –
V – Vast volumes vary velocity. (Vast means like lots and lots or a huge amount. Volumes is a unit of measurement. Vary means to change to add variety to. Velocity is a term in Physics related to speed.) Note: Alliteration can help your vocabulary.
V –
W – Watched whales welcome water.
W –
X marks the spot in your dictionary or thesaurus which can help you find words to use in alliteration.
X – X-men X-ray exceptional excuses. (Notice that two words begin with e, but they still have the “x” sound. It is the repetition of the same sound that counts in alliteration. Usually alliteration is created by using the same letter. But as you will learn, there are eXceptions to every rule. 
X –
Y – Yesterday young yaks yawned. (A yak is an ox-like mammal.)
Y –
Z-end of this Alphabet Book on Alliteration. Hope you had fun! Here’s an alliteration for the last letter “Z:”
Z – Zany zealous zebras zoom. Have you ever seen a zany zealous zebra zoom by?
Zounds! There goes another one. Oh, no, now Zucchini-eating zigzagging zebus zoom by. Zounds! They should all zestfully zip to the zoo.
(Zany is comical or funny. Zealous is enthusiastic or eager. Zoom and zip mean to speed by. Zigzag means turn sharp to the left then to the right. Zounds is an old term of surprise. Zebus are ox-like Asian or African mammals with a huge hump on their shoulder similar to a camel.)
Now it’s your turn to be zealously zany. Enjoy!
Until next time zealously zipping along to write another zany (hopefully) alphabet book.
Please write me with your comments, questions, criticism, and especially for prayer. Thanks. And may “The Lord bless thee and keep thee: the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26
Yours in Christ,
Alison Lehto
P. O. Box 495
Oakland, ME 04963


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