Alphabet Book on Naming Your New Puppy

Alphabet Book on Naming Your New Puppy or Dog
By Alison Lehto
Preface: These are names that I might well name a puppy or dog; the latter ones for each letter are unusual and different names. I have used one of the last ideas for a Lab/Irish Wolfhound mix that we obtained from a friend’s new litter of pups. The night before we picked up this puppy, his name came to me in a dream. Can you guess which of the latter name suggestions for which letter would be my “different” name for this Lab/Irish Wolfhound? Answer is in the Afterward: A Brief Story of the Puppies and Dogs in my Life.
Imagine calling your puppy or dog with the latter choices of names for each letter:
“ Come Kindly!” or “Come Gorgeous!” You may get more than your puppy. 
A – Abigail, Annie, Abbie, Alfred, or Axlerod
B – Billy, Beauty, Blackie, Barkie or Bosco
C – Cinderella, Casey, Casper, Cooper, Callie, Columbus
D – Daryll, Daisy, Donny, Dog, or Delphinium
E – Ellie, Ed, Eddie, Elf, Elfie, or Englebert
F – Frank, Francene, Fido, Faith, Farenheit, or Friendly
G- George, Georgette, Gigi, Gizmo,or Gorgeous
H – Harry, Harriet, Henry, Henriette, Harper, or Happy
I – Izzy, Irene, Izabelle, Ishi, or Indiana
J – James, Jolene, Jack, Jackie, Josiah, or Jolly
K – Kelly, King, Kerry, Kay, Kindle or Kindly
L – Lion, Lyle, Lassie, Lenny, Leopold or Lamborgini
M – Maynard, Meredith, Molly, Maggie, McGee or Magic
N – Nickel, Ned, Nelly, No Name or Nickelodeon
O – Oliver, Ollie, Owen, Ox or Outrageous
P – Princess, Prince, Petunia, Pete, Peak or Pumpernickel
Q – Queen, Queenie, Qwin, Quick or Quizzical
R – Ralph, Racene, Rover, Randy, Racinda or Rumplestillskin
S – Spot, Sandy, Sammy, Sahara or Serendipity
T – Tommy, Terry, Teddy, Tabby, Tobias or Tarantula
U – Utopia, Union, Urse, Unn, Upton or Ukelele
V – Vinnie, Violet, Victor, Vicki, Viceroy or Vashtar
W – Wayne, Wynona, Willie, Wanda, Where, Waverly
X – Marks the Spot where Spot sleeps. Is it your bed? 
Y – Yardly, Yeller, Yellow, Yodi, Yoda or Yakity Yak
Z – Zephyr, Zachariah, Zimi, Zelda or Zebra
Have fun naming your pet! Enjoy him or her and take good care of your pet. God wants us to. He gave mankind the responsibility of looking after our animals on earth.
“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Genesis 1:26
Afterward: A Brief Story of the Puppies and Dogs in my Life
Over my lifetime I have had the following puppies/dogs. Some I named; others my Mom named; and later my husband and I agreed upon a name.
Nickel was my first puppy, a Collie. I was not even in school yet. Nickel died while still a puppy, because he had distemper and the shots were given too late. My next dog, Bridget Bardot, was named by my dear mother who is in heaven now with our Lord and Savior (John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” KJV)
Bridget was one-third Springer Spaniel, one-third Fox Terrier; and one-third Bull Terrier. She was the runt (smallest one of the litter) that I picked out from an elementary school chum. (friend) She was a great dog who slept on my bed (and later in my bed). She lived to be 16 years old when she wandered off to die like a cat will. She grew up with our rust colored cat, Rusty. Maybe she learned that from her.
Next, after I was married, my husband and I were offered a puppy. Glenn was busy working while my blind friend, Suzi, and I went to pick out a puppy. He was a Black Lab/Irish Wolfound combination whom I named Axlerod from a dream that I had had the night before. One day while we were motorcycling in the high desert in California, Axlerod started following this other couple, and we never saw him again.
In the meantime a good friend gave us a beautiful golden German Shepherd that we never had time to name because he bit my step-son, Bruce, when he tried to get in the truck where the dog was sitting. So my husband put him in the back yard which was fenced in with a six foot high fence. Then we headed towards the Anza Borrego Desert in California. When we got home, there was no beautiful golden German Shepherd in the backyard. We figured that someone stole him as he was a pedigreed dog.
Then while again riding motorcycles in McCain Valley, my friend, Jo, and I heard a whimpering sound. Someone had dumped two darling puppies in the deserted desert. The game warden who happened to come along took the male puppy. We kept the female and named her after the place we found her, Rona from the Barona Indian Reservation.
Rona was full of worms as a puppy and quite sickly. The veterinarian took good care of her and gave her all her needed shots, too. He thought that she was part German Shepherd, perhaps some Australian Shepherd, and a little coyote. She was the best dog a person could ever have. She was loyal, a good sport, loved us and followed us wherever we were.
Before we could get her spayed, a male dog jumped over our six foot fence and became the daddy of the cutest litter of pups that I have ever seen. While she was pregnant, I took such good care of Rona giving her pre-natal vitamins, liver, and cottage cheese that was recommended. I had to actually help her in delivery because the six pups came out so fast that she didn’t have time to lick the “birthing” sack off them. I had to break each one open so that the puppies could breathe. She was such a great little mother.
We found homes for all but the runt, when my husband asked me if I wanted to keep him. Of course, I jumped at the chance to have a new puppy. We named him Spirit because he had no spirit or spunk at all – very much like his father.
Rona lived 12 years and then developed cancer while we were living in Maine. (Still are) We had moved from California to Maine with the two dogs in 1980. They had quite a trip across country while we stayed in recreational parks every night where they got lots of attention.
Since Rona had died of cancer, only Spirit moved with us to our lakeside home, a dream finally come true (and another alphabet book.)  Spirit developed medical problems because according to the veterinarian he had been neutered too early and incorrectly. We had to put him to sleep. Such a sad day! 
My last dog, was my daughter’s dog that she picked out when she was 12. This puppy was part of a litter that was supposed to be a pedigreed Springer Spaniel, but a male Black Lab had other ideas.
The people who sold her to us had named her Beauty, but Glison, our daughter, named her Lacey instead because she liked to chew her shoe laces.
Lacey was probably my favorite dog. When she was a puppy, I slept with her in a sleeping bag on the kitchen floor – taking her out every two hours to relieve herself. I did this while teaching middle school full time, but I was younger then. It was a happy day for me when she was house trained.
Lacey went canoeing down the beautiful Saco River here in Maine every summer with my daughter, husband, and friends. I “spotted” them – dropped them off at one spot on the Saco River and picked them up at the other end the next afternoon. I stayed in a lovely motel in Bridgton, Maine on another beautiful lake, Highland Lake. I’d go shopping during the day and relaxed by the lake in the evenings. We made this Saco trip yearly for about ten years.
Lacey at 14 and a half was in so much arthritic pain that she cried all night – her way of pleading for us to be merciful; so, the next day we took her to the veterinarian. Then we cried for days. She was my last dog. Lacey died in July, 2011.
My husband and I are older now and it is getting harder and harder to say goodbye to our beloved pets. So we will wait until Glison, our daughter, gets her doctorate’s degree in P.T. (Physical Therapy) and gets her own pet or pets. We will be glad to babysit for her adorable pets. 
Please write me with your comments, questions, criticism, and especially for prayer. Thanks. And may “The Lord bless thee and keep thee: the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26
Yours in Christ,
Alison Lehto
P. O. Box 495
Oakland, ME 04963


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