Unfinished Alphabet Book on Joshua Chamberlain

(Unfinished but will start working on it again really soon.)
Children’s Alphabet Book on Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
By Alison Lehto
A – ALAMBAMA is where Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain changed the course of history with God’s help during the Civil War.
B – BOWDOIN College in Maine was where Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain had taught English and Speech.
C – COLONEL – Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a COLONEL in the Union Army – the Northern states of the United States of America.
Note: COLONEL is pronounced “kernel, just like a kernel of corn or popcorn.
D – DATE – July 2, 1863 was a major turning point for the Civil War because of one man, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
E – EIGHTY men were left that day on July 2,1863. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain started six months earlier with a 1000 men.
F – FIGHTING for the North under the Commander-in-Chief, Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War was Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his men.
G – GETTYSBURG – At the far left edge of Pennsylvania were 80,000 gray clad confederates which stretched all the way to GETTYSBURG.
H – HOT and HUMID was that day on July 2, 1863.
I – “I knew I may die, but I also knew that I would not die with a bullet in my back. I would not die in retreat. I am, at least, like the Apostle Paul who wrote, ‘This one thing I do. I press toward the mark.” – Quote by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.


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