Oakland, Maine

Bio: Hi, my name is Alison Lehto. I taught middle school for 42 years and Sunday School for a few years. When I was forced to retire due to health problems of which I'm still dealing with, I wanted to do something for kids since I could no longer work with them. I love and most kids love alphabet books. Even adults enjoy alphabet books, and as a friend shared with me on her trip to the Grand Canyon she bought an alphabet book about the famous canyon to learn quickly 26 facts about it. My theory is that if you can quickly learn 26 facts or (in the case of most of my Biblical alphabet books) 26 verses of a book of the Bible or a theme. This is a great introduction to understanding the Bible and gaining a love for reading the Bible. In furthering the "love for reading" many of my alphabet books are on a variety of topics such as Alliteration, How to name your Puppy or Kitty, Joshua Chamberlain, Maine's Civil War hero, Seasons of Maine, Michael Crawford (In fact my profile picture is taken getting Michael Crawford's autograph while at a fan club (MCIFA) gathering. Being in this fan club allowed me to travel across the United States and to London twice attending both educational conferences and Michael's concerts and plays.) And many other topics which I hope to blog as many as I have time for. I am very interested in your critique of these alphabet books - both what is good and what can be improved. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and enjoy some alphabet books on this blog.

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